Motoradunando is a branch of the Made in Italy Tour Operator, with over 35 years of experience in group travel and with whom we have already created events for large companies such as Arca-Enel or the famous Bar Group of Elica, plus other trips / we created on request by motorbike club or private. We try to plan "the implantable" and it is important, for the success of the event, to share this tranquility with all the participants.

Our intent is to provide a quality service, with high-level hotel facilities and attention to detail, from the Road Book to communication with customers, from parking to alternative roads and the assistance of a motorcycle / luggage transport vehicle, if requested, onlong-haul journeys.

Riding a motorcycle has always been a great passion of mine and sharing it with new and old friends has always been beautiful and rewarding.

A motorcycle trip starts from a desire, from a dream ... and it is this "embryonic" phase, perhaps, the most intriguing.

First images and then gradually planning plan to let him take shape .. and then when will depart, and to be able to excite the people who are with you, all of this will make sense.

Paolo Fantozzi

Great passionate and connoisseur, affable and friendly ... a real toscanaccio of those who make you die with laughter.

"Il Bruni" is a fixed point of Motoradunando, always present and available, Ducatista convinced even if he travels with BMW "only for reliability" he says ...

Many trips made together both for leisure and for work, great sense of orientation even in the most inaccessible places ... "do not worry Fantozzi" and some reticence to the technology.

Max Bruni

The "small" of Motoradunando, nicknamed "The Lord".

Great motorcycling experience both as a guide and as a mechanic. Max has years of work with Beta where he has supported the home's cross-country riders.

Excellent as a guide both on-road but especially in Off-Road where Max gives the best of itself. Thanks to this peculiarity Motoradunando has been able to insert some different route from the usual one in our Tuscany.

Reliable person, nice, you can count on!

Massimiliano Santucci